Monday, March 18, 2013

What is going on with people today?

Ok..I love fashion.  I love everything about fashion.  I feel that you should experiment with you fashion sense in every way possible.  Even though I am a fashion designer, I have always been a t-shirt/jeans kind of girl, but I try to dress it up differently from what is normally seen.  The reason why I am speaking of this is because something has sort of made me angry.

I am from a small town, even though it is a college town, it is still very small.  The area where I live, which is 15 miles away from my hometown, is also very small, and the people in this town, I hate to say it, are ignorant. Since moving back home to MS, I have noticed that people cannot experiment with fashion in a way they should.  Why? The reason is that people in these communities are very judgemental!  For example, androgyny is one of the biggest trends in the fashion industry.  I love the androgynous look.  Here are some examples.

LOVE these looks, but if you are a female and you want to dress like this in my community, you are considered gay!  I feel that is so stupid!!  I don't understand why people in small towns put you in a box. You should be yourself, no matter what.  Another example, the biker trend, which is another trend that I have fallen in love with. Here are some examples.

Again, fabulous trend, but in my community, people will automatically assume that you are a biker, which I will say again, STUPID!! This is a fashion trend!!!! 

With everything that I talked about concerning fashion trends and judgemental people, I have to say this: no matter where you live, LOVE YOURSELF AND BE YOURSELF!!! Experiment and explore with your fashion sense, and do not be concerned with what people are saying about it!! If you feel like adapting to the bohemian style, do it! If you feel like adapting to the dominatrix style, do it! Experiment with fashion and be comfortable with who you are!! If people are talking about what you are wearing, it means you are doing something great!!

Until Next Time!!

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