Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Plus Size Collection

Hello All,

I know I have taken another short hiatus.  I had to regroup to look for more fashion illustration and work on my own projects.  Since moving back to Mississippi, I had to create a collection that caters to the target market in my area.  More people are starting to design plus-size, but some areas within the plus-size market is not being tapped into.  Because of this, I wanted to create a line that I feel plus-size women would gravitate towards, especially during the summer months.

I am working on a plus-size swimwear line.  This market is very scarce because many fashionable plus-size women go to the beach, swim, etc., and they cannot find swimsuits that flatter their figure.  This swimwear collection was inspired by African prints and patterns.  So, with that being said, here is a preview of my plus-size swimwear collection.

What do you think?
Until Next Time!

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