Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Idea for Swimwear


If you have read my last post, you will know that I am getting back to MY basics.  I have been illustrating more than ever.  I am also thinking of creating another line and having another fashion show.  Right now, I have been sketching designs for exotic swimsuits.  I was inspired to create these swimsuits from lingerie, the 60's monokini, and 1940's Pin-Up girls.  I also have to share that I LOVE 1940's Pin-Up girls.  All of my designs and croquis have been inspired from them.  I wanted to create really sexy swimwear, something that will catch everyone's attention.  Because I am still in the process of drawing, I will show some ideas of what I am creating.


I am still thinking of colors for this project; I am leaning towards neon colors for some reason.  Once this project is finished, I will post some pictures of the designs.  

Until Next Time!


  1. Ashley, if you are going to take a trademarked image of one of our products (second image down), please either add a link/credit to our site of the image origin or take it down.

    That is our Strappy Scrunchie Tanya Bikini in Racing Checkerboard and Black. Seen here: http://bit.ly/1oopi4d


    1. Hello Mr. SKINZ

      I apologize for not adding a link of your site to the image shown on my post. I was looking for ideas for a collection I was doing and your swimsuit was similar to the idea I had in mind. I have added a link to the image, so when you click on it, your website with the picture of your product will show. Thank you for notifying me about this, and again, I apologize.