Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Plus-Size vs. Obese

Hello All,

Lately, I have had an ongoing debate concerning the difference between plus-size and obese.  After doing research, and being pressured by family and friends, I have decided to design for plus-size, in addition to the standard sizes in the fashion industry.  While I am happy about this, especially since the average woman is a size 14, I have been getting backlash regarding MY size proportions with my croquis (if you have been following my blog, you will know that "croquis" is the human figure).

Let's get one thing straight.  The size measurements for plus-size in the fashion industry is between 10-18.  Size 10 has been considered plus size since 2010.  I am not making this up.  I remember when I was in graduate school preparing myself to create a swimsuit collection for the first time when my professor said, "you will have to use a size 8 dress form because a size 10 is not standard size anymore, it is now plus-size!"  She also informed me that a size 8 was the new standard size.

The average plus-size woman looks like this:

Now I know, just like everyone else in the fashion industry, that this is how a plus-size woman looks.  When we say plus-size, we are referring to a woman that looks like this.  The problem I am having: everyone in my community who is plus-size does not fit this category!  

The women in my hometown who consider themselves plus-size are three times the size of these models. Let me give you some information about my home state.  Mississippi is #1 in obesity!  People in my hometown feel it is no problem to weigh over 300! As a matter of fact, if you are changing your lifestyle and cutting fatty foods from your diet, they feel something is wrong with you! Most women in my hometown feel that being a size 20-30 and wearing a 5X is plus-size, when it is actually OBESITY!  If you wear a size 20 or above, you are obese!!

The average obese woman looks like this:

I had to post this on my blog because I am so sick and tired of debating with my family, friends, and people in my hometown about what is plus-size and what is obese! I have actually developed a headache because I am so tired of explaining the difference in this size category.  I felt the only way to show the difference and voice my opinion is by talking about it on here!

Again.....this is plus-size

And this is obese

And I am done!!  Until Next Time!!

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