Wednesday, October 23, 2013



I hope all is well.  I have been quite sad for the past 3 days.  Sunday morning, I was working on some sketches, and then went to bed.  Later that night, I opened my laptop, only to see that it would not turn on. I called HP, but found one rep to be very rude! After looking for more solutions on Google, I took it to my cousin the next day. The crazy thing is that after putting Adobe Suite CS4 on my sister's computer so I can continue working on illustrations, her laptop did the same thing as mine! So now, there are two laptops in my household, with Adobe Suite CS4, to be inoperable!  Am I jinxed? Are my fingers cursed? Is it that every computer I touch freezes?

I am frustrated because I have work to finish, and I am unable to continue because of this issue. What makes it worse is that I am in an area where no one has ever heard of Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, there is no computer available with this software, and I am afraid that if this is not fixed, I will not be able to create my magic. I pray this can be fixed because there is no way I can afford another computer! It is not in my budget right now. Help!

I need to breathe, pray again, and have faith I will be back in business!

Until next time!

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