Saturday, September 20, 2014

Project Beauty: Neiman Marcus Fort Worth

Hello All,

Since I have been in Dallas, I have been so consumed with making my mark in the fashion industry, teaching, and learning my new residence that I have been neglecting my duties to talk with you all about fashion, art, and beauty.  Today, I decided to get out of the house and go to Project Beauty, a beauty event at Neiman Marcus in Fort Worth.

Neiman Marcus Fort Worth is one of the smaller Neiman Marcus stores, but they still have a ton of trendy items, accessories, and beauty products.  Upon my arrival in the store, I was greeted by Ryan, one of the managers at Neiman Marcus.  It was set up like a mini-runway show with programs, notebooks, and gift bags in the chairs.

Many representatives from companies such as Dior, La Mer, Katy Somerville, and many others were in attendance to talk about their new products.  They also had lots of giveaways for the guests.
Jo Malone

Kate Somerville

Trish McEvoy



La Prairie


I also won two gift bags, one from LaMer, and the other from Kate Somerville!  Afterwards, I had a chat with Chuck Steelman, the Corporate Manager of Special Events at Neiman Marcus in Dallas/Fort Worth.  Besides the gifts, the best part of the event were the take home goodies.  Because MasterCard sponsored the event, we received these cute cookies!

After visiting the makeup counter, I decided to take a picture of inspirational clothing.  This skirt was my favorite item in the store.

Although this event was at 9:30 AM, I had fun.  Afterwards, I came back home and continued my beauty rest, until I woke up to continue my projects.  Today was a wonderful day, and I was glad to experience it.

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