Monday, April 15, 2013

Love of New Lipsticks

If you all have been reading my posts, you will notice that on April 7, 2013, I had posted about the many fashion colors of spring.  Besides clothing, you can also create many spring combinations with your makeup!! I give you two brands of lipstick I have fallen in love with

  • Blue Rose by New York Color (NYC)
  • Rose Hip by Milani
This is how Blue Rose looks on my lips

It gives your lips a pop of pink with a shimmering hint of blue.  It is very rich, but it looks like a light lip gloss on this picture.  It's also moisturizing.

This is how Rose Hip looks on my lips

It gives your lips an intense pop of color.  You can wear it matte, or glossy.  It is your choice.

If I find more spring colors for your face, as well as your body, I will be sure to post it for you.

Until Next Time!!

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