Monday, April 8, 2013

Outfits/Garments for Spring

Hello Again!!

It is Spring!!! After experiencing cold and rainy weather all of March, I am happy to see sunshine and warm weather!!! And for everyone who loves spring (including me!), the first thing you see is new fashion.  From what I have seen from different fashion blog sites, and street wear, I will show what is still in season, and what new trends have emerged.

  • Peplum Dress/Shirts- These shirts, and dresses, have become very popular.  Not only do they give the flirty flounce that all women love, but it also gives you a narrow waistline.

  • Bright-Colored Jeans-  These jeans have also been in season for quite some time.  I love them because they give a colorful pop to any shirt! (Pictures are found on

  • High-Low Maxi Dresses/Skirts- I love the high-low dresses/skirts because it is lightweight, and it gives an elegant, but relaxed feel to an outfit. (Pictures found on and

  • Stripes-  This trend has become very popular.  Whether black and white or bright colors, this will create textures and dimension to any outfit. (Pictures by

I hope these looks will inspire your spring wardrobe as much as they have inspired mine.  If you would like more style inspiration, please check out the following websites:

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