Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fashion Illustration Inspirations


First I want to say Happy June! We are already six months into 2013! Unbelievable!!  I know that it is late (it is 3:15 a.m. as I am typing this), but I was thinking about fashion, of course, and fashion illustrations.  I am always thinking of different ways of perfecting my craft, but I also wanted to show some illustrations that were inspiring to me.  Hopefully, these illustrations will be an inspiration to you as well.

Created by Steven Broadway (also professor at FIT)
Created by Cassandra Rodin

Created by Igor+Andre

Created by Rachel Roy
This is just some of the amazing illustrations that I have found.  The Chanel illustration is my all-time favorite illustration!!!!  I am also looking at different ways of creating my moodboards.  I guess I am going to bed now; a creative mind is always matter what time it is!

Until Next Time!!

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