Friday, June 21, 2013

House of Curves


I have a new favorite show! It is called House of Curves, and if you have not watched it, it is a must see.

Kenyatta Jones (center) with cast members. From l-r Rene (Mom/Investor) Milan (Administrative Assistant) Kendra (Creative Director) and Sherlynda (Design Assistant)

House of Curves follows the trials and triumphs of Atlanta based plus-size fashion designer Kenyatta Jones, CEO of Bella Rene Clothing, as she tries to make it into the world of fashion.  My top reasons why this show is my favorite reality series on television:

  1. It follows an African-American female fashion designer who is destined to make it into the world of fashion.
  2. Not only is the main cast member African-American, but she is also plus size
  3. Everyone on the show is very opinionated.  The tell it like it is, no question's asked
  4. Everyone on the show is stylish!!
  5. It shows you the trials and tribulations every independent fashion designer goes through to make it into fashion, at do what they can to stay on top!
As an African-American woman, a fashion designer/illustrator, and a woman with curves (although I'm not plus size), I applaud Kenyatta for doing what it takes to bring plus size fashion to the forefront.  Although it was glorified for a woman to have curves during the 20th Century, it is now frowned upon for a woman to have hips!  I really don't understand it!  The average woman is between a size 12-16, yet the standard clothing size is an 8! Kenyatta's collections are not only flattering, but they are also colorful with many textures and prints that cater to the plus size woman!

My favorite character on this show is Kendra.  She is the creative director of Bella Rene, and she proudly lets everyone know that!  She is beautiful, fashionable, and has a no-nonsense behavior to match with it.  She is definitely not afraid to speak her mind, and her wardrobe is impeccable!! She is really inspiring me to create more bold pieces for myself!!

House of Curves comes on Thursdays on We TV at 10 pm EST/9 pm CST/8 pm MST/ 7 pm PST.  I hope this show remains on the air!

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