Friday, June 7, 2013

New Blog to Check Out


Besides writing this blog, I also check out other blogs for different fashion inspiration (I also watch Style Network and We).  I had written out a list of blogs to check out.  I have a new blog to add to the list as well.  Another blog to check out is If you are unfamiliar with WGSN, it is a trend forecasting site based in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.  This site, as well as Stylesight, is very popular with emerging and established fashion designers.  They show you the latest trends, as well as future trends in clothing, beauty, kids, home, and streetwear.

Of course you have to pay to use WGSN and Stylesight (and it is mostly thousands of dollars for a subscription), which is why they create blogs to show you the latest worldwide trends, and for designers who are on a budget to get the latest creation.  When you have a chance, please check out WGSN on Tumblr.  You will love it.

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