Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Va Va Voom Volume Mascara

Hello All,

In case you don't remember, I am a Style Ambassador for Harper's Bazaar magazine.  As a Style Ambassador, not only do I get the opportunity to attend major events and test new products.  I have tested the Olay Regenerist Luminist Tone Perfecting Cream, and now I get to test the Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Va Va Voom Volume Mascara (that's a lot to say).

The mascara came yesterday (5/13/14) and this is how it is packaged:

When I take a product out of its package, I immediately start inspecting it.  This is how it looks outside of its packaging:
I like the heel pendant

LOVE the bristles!
 I start using the mascara right away, and I fell in love with it. 
with makeup
without makeup
I have never really been a fan of mascara.  I started wearing it almost regularly a couple of years ago, and the mascara that I would usually choose is either Meet Mark or New York Color.  The Sexy Booster Va Va Volume Mascara is my new favorite mascara.  Although I have only been using this mascara for a day, it is my favorite for the following reasons:
  • It smells like vanilla.  I have never had mascara that smelled so delicious!
  • The bristles glide on very easily
  • This mascara is clump free!!
  • Whether you are wearing makeup or not, this mascara gives your lashes instant volume
  • It lasts 24 hours
This is my first time ever using a product from Physicians Formula, and I love it.  Physicians Formula, you now have a new customer.
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