Friday, August 22, 2014

Take Pride in Yourself!

Hello All,

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of posts and conversations about how women should take pride in their appearance.  My classmate and friend, prophetess Tera Carissa Hodges, had a discussion on her Facebook page that stated the following:

"Ladies, be mindful of how you come out of the house. Have some pride in your appearance. I'm not saying you have to be in full face, but look presentable. Don't look like you just rolled out the bed and couldn't bother to get the lint out your hair or brush your teeth. Appearance is not all about clothes. Snap a picture of your teeth. Do they need whitening? If you are natural, don't confuse that with being unkept. Head over to Youtube for a tutorial. Looking good is not all about looking good for a man, learn to look good because you VALUE how you present yourself to the public."-TCH

When I read this on my news feed, I was so excited to give my opinion on it.  Lately, no matter if I am in my hometown, or my current city, I have seen women, especially young women, come out in public like this:
Wearing too tight/too little clothing in public

Madame Noire
Wearing sleeping bonnets like this in public
(Picture via

Sola Dunn
Wearing see through leggings as if they are regular pants

Strange, Bizarre, Weird News- All True
Exposing too much cleavage
(Picture via Strange, Bizarre, Weird News- All True)

There are more examples, but it will be too much to put on here, and yes, I am in my feelings with this issue.  I want to say this to all women: our bodies are a jewel, and I am tired of seeing you all tarnish it.   So, I want to give you some tips on how to present yourself in public:
  1. Wear clothing that does not show the improper parts of your body (nip slip, butt crack, almost exposed crotch, etc.)
  2. Make sure your clothing fit (buttons do not look like they are about to pop open, your pants can actually fit your bottom, etc.).
  3. Please take the time to comb your hair! If your hair is relaxed, either flat iron it, or use rollers.  If your hair is natural, you have so many options! Opt for two-strand twists, beautiful curls or waves, or you can wear a blow-out, but please, let the bonnet go, and take the time to comb your hair!
  4. Invest in makeup.  I'm not saying to wear full face, but it is good to have some color on your face.  If you do not wear eyeshadow, consider eyeliner and mascara.  Also, if you do not wear lipstick, tinted lip balm or lip gloss is another alternative to lipstick. (Elf {} has a great selection of tinted lip balm, lip stains, and lip glosses, and they are all under $5)
  5. Wear age appropriate clothing!  If you are over 30, let Aeropostale and Abercrombie & Fitch go!
  6. Invest in a belt!  This accessory is great for pants that have a low rise, and it also helps your pants stay on your waist.
  7. Invest in pieces like blazers, cardigans, etc.  They work well with any look.
I want to leave with this quote that I found on Google+

Stay Fabulous, Take Pride in Yourself, and Invest in You!

Until Next Time!!

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