Monday, September 16, 2013

Chanel Iman with a Gold Grill?!

Hello All,

So, as you all know, NYFW (New York Fashion Week) ended on Thursday, Sept. 12.  So many pictures are posted of the looks on the runway, and who attended the show.  Many celebrities and fashion enthusiasts were in attendance for the Jeremy Scott show on Wednesday, Sept. 11 (story and pictures found on  Among them were Nicki Minaj, the Jonas Brothers, and celebrity couple, model Chanel Iman and rapper A$AP Rocky.  While looking at pictures, I noticed Chanel Iman is rocking a GRILL!! (For those of you who are unfamiliar with a grill, it is a gold plate shaped to fit on someone's teeth.  It can be solid gold or platinum, or accessorized with gems).

Now, I expect this from A$AP Rocky, but Chanel Iman?  Chanel? Ms. Iman? Sweetie, how could you? Just because you are dating a rapper does not mean you put a grill in your mouth to accommodate him!  I cannot stand to see someone wearing a grill, and to see a beautiful girl like Chanel Iman wearing one is appalling!

I think a grill is the most disgusting, most country, and most ghetto/hoodrat product ever created.  It was bad that the individual gold tooth was created (Fact: After getting paid from his first fight, Jack Johnson had gold put on every tooth in his mouth to show his worth to black and white people!), but when the grill came around, it made the mouth look much worse than with a gold tooth! Some people think putting this product is a power move, especially for a woman.  To me, it shows that you are ghetto, and you are wasting your money buying a product that will make you look nasty!

Please let me know your thoughts on this.  You already know mine.  When I see someone with a gold tooth, this is what I see

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