Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Disappearance of Style Network

Hello All,

I am a lover of Style Network.  It was one of my favorite networks on television, and I always browsed the site for fashion tips and ideas.  I loved this network because of shows such as:

  • Tia & Tamera

  • Jerseylicious

  • Tabatha Takes Over

  • How Do I Look

Although there were several shows that were shown on this network, these four stood out because I always stopped everything I was doing to watch them.  During commercial breaks, the network also showed what trends were in season, what fashion shows to watch, and where to shop for the best clothing.  This network was everything to me, which is why I am so sad and angry at the fact that it is now off of the air.

Monday, September 23, I was browsing for channels to watch while making patterns when I noticed that Style Network was gone!  I immediately went in to panic mode.  What happened to Style Network?! Did DirectTV delete it from their package?! When I googled this question, I was shocked and surprised by the answer: "Style Network is Now Esquire Network!'

This was the decision of NBCUniversal.  NBCU felt that because of networks such as E!, Bravo, and Oxygen, there was no need for Style Network (which is not true).  Esquire Network, the network that officially replaced Style Network, is geared towards high-fashion, upscale men, since NBCU felt there were no channels geared for this target market.  The network is still airing Sex and the City, while also showing original series such as Knife Fight, Brew Dogs, and movies like Ocean Thirteen

So, the burning question of the week: what is going to happen to Tia & Tamera, Giuliana & Bill, Jerseylicious, and the other shows that were aired on Style Network?  According to Channel Guide Magazine, some shows are expected to end their run, while others will more than likely be worked into schedules on E!, Bravo, and Oxygen.  E! will run the most recent seasons of Giuliana & Bill and Tia & Tamera in mid October.  Although that is good news, I am still sad at the fact that NBCU got rid of Style Network.

While I am still grieving the loss of Style Network, I still have the internet to look at fashion website, and Hulu is still available! Plus, I still have Tia & Tamera recorded, which means I can still watch episodes whenever I want!  Even though I am still sad about this, there is a bright side, and everything is going to be okay.

I want to end by showing this picture of Tabatha Coffey, famed hairstylist and host of Tabatha Takes Over.

Tabatha has always been gorgeous to me, but WOW! I love seeing color on her face, especially her lips.  I also love the androgynous look and hairstyle. Kudos to the hair and makeup team for creating this look for her. She looks awesome!

Until Next Time!

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