Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fashion Trends We Do NOT Want To See In 2014

Hello All,

We are one day away from New Year's Day.  We have seen many new fashion trends, as well as old trends resurface (for example, the 90s crop top).  Although we are excited to see different types of fashion trends, old and new, there are some we don't want to see in the new year.

Sagging Pants

I was in the 4th or 5th grade when this trend emerged, and I am so sick and tired of seeing it!  This trend was popular in prisons, and to be honest, that is where is needs to stay.  Men, it is not attractive to walk around with your pants hanging this low! We do not want to see your underwear, so please put on a belt.

Cut-Out Dresses

Yes, the cut out bodycon dress is cute, but not everyone should have it on.  When I was growing up, there was a thing called "leaving room for the imagination," and in this dress, you will not have to do that because it is designed for everything to be on display! While the silhouette is cute, the design should be more tasteful.

Men's Skinny Jeans

There are men's tailored trousers, and then there are men's skinny jeans.  We want more trouser and less skinny. I have never been a fan of men's skinny jeans, and I feel these pants should be banned from every men's clothing store.  It is not sexy for a man to wear the same pair of skinny jeans as a woman!

Cut-Out Leggings

These are the worst pair of leggings I have ever seen! What makes it worse is that I have seen women, young and old, wearing them.  I went into a clothing store, and these leggings were on a mannequin for a fashion display! Please do everyone a favor and leave these leggings in 2013, and for everyone who owns a pair, burn them!

Substituting Leggings as Pants

Ladies, we all love our leggings.  It smooths everything, and they are comfortable for running errands, but it is not good when everyone can see your business through them (yes, I am guilty of this myself).  Leggings are not pants!  They are supposed to be worn under long shirts, dresses, or sweaters.  Please do not bring this trend into 2014!

Chevron Print Gauchos

These are the most unflattering pants ever!  When these pants first emerged on the fashion scene, the idea was to wear them with a cute blouse.  Instead, people wore them with garments such as old t-shirts and tennis shoes.  Ladies, if you own a pair of these pants, BURN THEM!! Don't you dare bring these hideous pants into 2014!

Varsity Jackets

When I was in high school, the only way you were able to have a varsity jacket is to earn it by participating in some type of sport.  Because this fashion trend has emerged, everyone can get a varsity jacket without having to physically work for it, which is not right. A varsity jacket is not a fashion trend, so please leave it in 2013.

Wretched Jewelry


Jewelry is supposed to be expressive, but classy.  With that being said, the wretched jewelry needs to go.  I am not for wearing expressive jewelry such as "Trust No Bitch" or "Bling, Bling," so please find some tasteful jewelry and leave this mess in 2013.

Lace Front Wigs

Wigs have been around for many centuries, and lace front wigs are one of the most popular wigs of choice. The purpose of a lace front wig is to look NATURAL, but people wear them to the point where it just looks awful.  I used to love seeing people wear lace front wigs, but they have been worn so horribly that I cannot stand to look at them.  Please do not bring lace front wigs into 2014!

Kim Kardashian Inspiration

I'm sorry, but I have to release this.  People, for the love of God, please stop trending this woman or looking at her for style inspiration! Kim Kardashian is not a celebrity, nor a fashion stylist. Her clothes are not that flattering, and she creates every moment to show off her body parts that should be covered up! If you want style inspiration, look at Elizabeth Taylor, Iman, or the Duchess of Cambridge, but please keep Kim Kardashian and her outfits in 2013!

If I can think of another fashion trend, or person, that should be left in 2013, I will be sure to share it.  Thank you and have a wonderful New Year!

Until Next Time!

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