Sunday, December 1, 2013

Outerwear for Fall/Winter 2014

Hello All,

Although we are enjoying this fall season, Winter will be here before you know it.  Because I am a artist, fashion designer, and fashion illustrator, of course I love all things different and unique.  While browsing Stylesight, a popular trend forecasting website, I found these very trendy blazers that I have already fallen in love with.

The first and third blazer are my favorites.  As we all know, motorcycle is the most popular outerwear piece for Fall/Winter.  I have found some very stylish leather jackets for men and women.

The first day of winter is December 21, 2013.  My favorite part of winter is Christmas, but I would not be able to enjoy it without a coat to keep me warm.  While researching new coats for 2014-2015 F/W season, 
I found the four types of stylish winter coats to invest in for this winter season:

The Belted Coat

The Winter White Coat

The Modern Fur Coat

The Statement Coat (My Favorite!!)

Sweaters are the most popular winter garment.  Stylish, yet comfortable, it is the go-to wardrobe piece.  Although sweaters have always been popular during Fall/Winter, sweatshirts are also popular for this season.  Most people wear sweatshirts as an athletic garment, or something to wear when running an errand, but sweatshirts are becoming stylishly trendy as well.  Here are some examples of how to wear a sweatshirt as a modern, stylish garment.

For more stylish looks for Fall/Winter, or different ways to update your current wardrobe, please check out Stylesight,

Until Next Time!